MCAT CARS Sample: Test Yourself Here

MCAT CARS Sample: Test Yourself Here

Here is an MCAT CARS sample passage I wrote along with some common MCAT style questions and answer choices. The answers for this sample MCAT CARS passage are below. You can ask me questions about any specific question during the free trial session or in office hours if you are currently a student of mine.

If you would like Daily MCAT CARS practice reading passages. Everyday, I hand select articles good for MCAT CARS practice reading comprehension. Reading daily is a good form of MCAT CARS practice but not necessarily the only contributing factor to a higher score.

Keep in mind the free sample passage may not be totally historically accurate but it’s very close. I will also give you 6 questions AAMC likes to ask. My goal is to capture the exact vagueness and density of an MCAT passage and also the type of thinking the MCAT expects from you.

Give yourself 9 minutes to read and answer all of the questions for this specific passage (I know the new CARS section gives you about 10 minutes per passage but for this specific passage, I recommend 9):

MCAT CARS Sample Passage

The rise of Hitler was nothing short of a recipe for disastrous outcomes. The manifestations that led to his megalomaniac regime (hence his grandiose label as “Fuhrer”) could not be conjured up by the greatest fiction writer the world has seen. Today people would cringe at the ideologies the Nazi’s presented, yet, most of the German people rallied arm to arm in the streets of Berlin and Nuremberg. An evil genius brainwashed a nation into ruin and as a result, changed how the world fought each other. The strength of his army presented a problem for the countries that declared war on the third reich.

By 1939, four countries had began enlisting the men that would inevitably sacrifice their lives for a freedom Hitler demoralized.Their conscious was strengthened by knowing that tyranny was unjustified in Europe. Julius Jola explained the mentality of the allies best, “The men of the war were strong but their courage- even stronger.” However, this was not enough to bring an end to the Nazi regime, nor did it subdue their war-like behavior. To say the Nazi’s were irenic is like saying football players are irenic during the Super Bowl.

The newly drafted men of the British militia lacked years of training. Although most were veterans of the Great War, the technological advancements leading up to the second world war proved to wipe out any advantages experience brought. The war shifted into aircraft battles, bombings, and close quarters combat which strayed from the trench warfare the world had seen before. Gas masks were replaced with bullet proof helmets but the blood that spilled was endless nonetheless. The second world war caused even more bloodshed than the first, even more civilians died, even more countrymen catapulted from existence. Decades later literary historians and commoners alike referred to the war as “the new incarnation of death.”

It wasn’t until France surrendered did England realize the trouble that lay ahead. Bombings by night shook the streets of London to it’s core but did not unravel their will for freedom. The lack of fighting feet and preparedness was of least concern to Churchill. The ministry embarked on a mission to defeat the axis powers by cracking the technological superiority of the Nazi regime. For example, a special team was put together outside of Wales to hack the German communications device coined, Enigma, by creating a sophisticated machine called Charles. The British believed that to end the war, they must not bring more men to ruin, yet, showcase an innovative chess game via technology the world had not seen before.

While England was ill prepared for war and had only three-hundred thousand men to fight, the brain power and teamwork of England shifted the playing field. So much so that domestic technological achievements could be traced to this time period. Vacation cruises off the coast of Florida depend on sonar, something the British created to fight off German bombers. Alan Touring’s mathematical algorithms opened doors to the creation of the modern day computer. The United States also had major technological innovations during their role in the allies success. The US hired a group of scientists which included the talents of Bohr and Einstein to help develop the atomic bomb, a weapon ultimately used on Japan to help end the war.

Millions died in the years of the war and millions more have been affected by the outcome of the war- for better or worse. It was Hitler who changed the course of history, yet it was the might of the people who made sure history’s course would rebound into a better place we all call home.

Here are 6 questions the MCAT commonly asks

  1. What is the author’s central thesis?
    1. Millions died in the years of the war and millions more have been affect by the outcome of the war
    2. The second world war brought famine to the country of England but the US sacrificed their own rations to help
    3. England’s lack of military personal resulted in using new methods, which changed technology
    4. All of the technology we have today was created from the war efforts against Hitler’s Germany
  2. Which of the following assumptions can be made about the technological achievements of England?
    1. The British overcame the Nazi’s because of their innovation
    2. The brain power and teamwork of England shifted the playing field
    3. England had just as much manpower as Germany
    4. England made the sonar of current cruise ships extremely silent to Somali pirates
  3. The word, “irenic” from the passage best means
    1. Torturous
    2. Peaceable
    3. Omnipresent
    4. Calculative
  4. Which of the following would STRENGTHEN the author’s contention that England “must not bring more men to ruin”?
    1. The English enlisted men from their African colonies to increase their fighting numbers against Germany
    2. Ballistic missiles were developed to defend against the many German U-boats in the North Sea
    3. The French surrendered to Germany in order to save themselves from certain defeat
    4. The English outsmarted the Germans by turning off all visible light in London during the air bombings
  5. Which of the following were examples of domestic technological achievements stated in the passage?
    1. Sonar
    2. Enigma
    3. Computer
    1. I only
    2. I and II only
    3. I and III only
    4. III only
  6. Which of the following is NOT supported by an example or reference to authority?
    1. The English did not have many men to fight the war but challenged the Germans by making technological breakthroughs
    2. The US developed their own technologies during the war
    3. It wasn’t until France surrendered did England realize the trouble that lay ahead
    4. The will of the people of England was strong


  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C